Udemy Offer : 75% Off on Every Udemy Courses [November 2016]

Hey Guys , If you have missed recent October 10$ udemy mega sells offer , where you could buy every best selling , trending and new courses from every Udemy instructor  at 10$ but that offer is gone.But  don’t Worry i have an excellent offer you. You can still get 75% off every Udemy courses. I am going to provide you 75% Udemy Courses discount Coupon code and link, so that you can buy your favorite udemy course at huge discount.

This Huge discount udemy offer is valid from October 31, 2016 to  November 16, 2016 . You can click on below links to get Huge Discount on Udemy Courses. 

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Offer : Buy .net domain name @ 1.69$ with free Lifetime Whois Guard

Hello guys , This is really great news if you want to buy .net domain name at cheap rate. Yeah , namesilo is offering .net domain name at 2.69$ but using our coupon code you can buy at 1.69$ right now and you will get Lifetime free whois privacy guard for your domain. Namesillo is really a great company to buy domain name. They do not charege any extra amount for anything. If you want to know more about name silo then you can visit their website. but in this post i will show you how to buy .net domain name at 1.69$ with free lifetime whois guard. lets start..


  • Go to namesilo offer page clicking on this link here.
  • Search for domain name you want to register.
  • Select your .net domain and click on Register Check domain.
  • Please fill required information . Select Whois privacy  from drop down list.
  • Till Now you will see price of domain 2.69$ but Use this Coupon Code “testedblog” , apply this coupon and you will get 1$ discount. Now your final domain price is 1.69$.coupon-applied
  • Click on Continue. You can buy domain in namesilo using different payment method. My favorite payment method is PayPal and MasterCard. You can pay using skrill also.

You can add your new domain to blogger get life time free hosting. I have already written article on how to add namesilo domain to blogger. You can read it here.

If you have any question or suggestion , please leave a comment , i will be more than happy to assist you .

How to Disable Auto Play Videos in Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Almost every social media has introduced one annoying features in their platform , Facebook to Twitter all of them are using video auto play feature to display ads or video uploaded by our friends and family. Its okay if video is interesting or relevant but it drive me crazy when every f***ing times video plays in my feed when i am scrolling.  That’s why i  am writing this post , to show you how to disable those automatically enabled auto play video option in Facebook , Instagram and Twitter. lets begin ….

  • How to disable Auto play Videos feature in Twitter ?

You need to login to your twitter account first and go to settings. Then scroll down in your setting page and you will see one option called Video Auto play  which is automatically enabled by default. All you have to do is unchecked that option and Auto playing video in twitter feed goes way  forever.


  • How to disable auto play videos in Facebook ?

Login to your Facebook account and go to settings page (https://www.facebook.com/settings). Scroll down and click on Videos option.Change the Status of Auto-play Videos to Off. This option only  disable auto play  when you are using facebook.com in browser. To disable in Facebook app , open facebook and and disable form there.


  • How to Disable auto play videos in Instagram ?

There is no option in Instagram to disable videos permanently. but you can control when video play automatically. Go to android settings and limit the usage cellular data for Instagram app. This will prevent the auto playing feature of Instagram when you are in cellular data, But When you use WiFi connection , You can’t disable this feature. so , If you guys know how to completely disable auto play in Instagram then don’t forget to comment below.

How to buy hosting at 1 cent

Yeah, now you can buy hosting at one cent . If  you are in need of hosting and domain name but don’t want to spend to much money, then you can try hostgator’s 1 penny offer. This offer provide you Unlimited hosting at 1 cent for first month. This offer is for first months only, if you don’t like this hosting or if you don’t want to continue with hostgator then, you can cancel that hosting account without any  hassle and without speding too much money. In this post i will show to how to buy hosting account and 1 cent.

  • Go to This Offer Link , it will take you to 1 penny offer page.
  • Click on Start your Site Now Button. 
  • Search for New domain Name  or you can use your existing domain name.
  • Fill the required Info, Uncheck the Hosting addons ( unless you want to pay extra money for it).
  • You can use PayPal or Cards to pay the 1 cent cost.
  • Agree the terms and click on check out.

If you want to know more about why Hostgator or Features of hostgator hosting then you can visit this link here.

Get Free SSL for WordPress Blog (Tutorial)

How to Get Free SSL for WordPress Blog

Hello Guys, We have enabled SSl for our website, you can check our website url, now it has https:// at the beginning. It is good idea to use SSL for your website also.

If you don’t know what is SSL and how it protect our website then let me introduce, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. (Read More About SSL Here ) . 

In this Post i am going to write how to get free SSL for WordPress Blog. This SSL Service is provided  Cloudflare, is Free platform which provide CDN, DDOS Protection, SSL certificates for website absolutely free of cost. I mean you can buy premium service which include more advanced Features and Extra layer of security but for you and me Free plan works fine.

In this part of Tutorial i am going to talk about free SSL only. There are couple of steps to follow before we can enable free SSl for our WordPress blog.

1.Create cloudflare Account

Lets start with Creating account on CloudFlare. Go to this link and Open new account using your email and other required information.

2. Adding website to Cloudflare

Now we need to add website to cloudFlare. Click on Add website button, Add your website url & click on begin scan. Wait for Scan to finish. When cloudFlare done with scanning new Continue button will appear, Click on it.  Click Continue Again. Select Free Plan &  Continue. 2016-06-09_08h20_10

3. Changing Domain Name Server(DNS)

This is most important steps : Login to your domain registrar dashboard. I have registered my domain in namesilo. Select domain in domain dashboard and click on Change name servers. Now you need to replace old  Domain name server according to name server provided by cloud flare. Save Settings and get back to Cloudflare and click on continue. Click on scan Server. It usually take 2/3 hours to setup new name server.


Comeback to Cloudflare after 2.3 hours and Scan again. Now it cloudFlare activate your website automatically. Now you are ready to get free SSL for your WordPress blog.

4. Activate Free SSL

Its time to activate free SSL for our website. Go to Cloudflare account and click on domain where you want to activate Free SSL. Click on Crypto menu item.  It will take you to SSL settings page.

2016-06-09_08h42_39Select full from ssl drop down menu. It will generate Free SSL certificate for your website. For free accounts it takes 3 to 24 hours to fully activate SSL service for website.

Comeback after 2/3 hours and check your website by typing https://yourdomain.com, your website should open normally. if it show any error wait for few more hours and try again.

Login to Cloudflare dashboard > Crypto > Now SSL section should says Active Certificate . That means SSL service is Fully activated and now you can access your website with https://.

get free ssl for wordpress blogI hope this tutorial help you to get free SSL for WordPress blog. If you got any errors or problem while following this tutorial, please let me know in the comment. And Dont forget to share with your friends.

Best Android Apps To Download YouTube Video Without Root

Downloading YouTube video from YouTube in our phone is not an easy job, because official YouTube android app doesn’t allow us to download its content. To do so we have to use third party android apps. There is always a change to trap in fake YouTube video downloading app, so in this post i am going to list some of the best , fast and secure android app that can download YouTube video in both audio and video format Without Rooting our android phone.Lets get started.


1. NewPipe

The First app on my list is NewPipe, New Pipe is Fast android app which can download YouTube videos in both audio and video format.This app is open source and deveoped by F-droid. You can check its source code on Github.

NewPipe does not use any Google framework libraries, or the YouTube API. It only parses the website in order to gain the information it needs. Therefore this app can be used on devices without Google Services installed. Also, you don’t need a YouTube account to use NewPipe, and it’s FLOSS.

NewPipe Features

  • Search videos
  • Display general information about a video
  • Watch YouTube videos
  • Listen to YouTube videos (experimental)
  • Select the streaming player to watch the video with
  • Download videos (experimental)
  • Download audio only (experimental)
  • Open a video in Kodi
  • Show Next/Related videos
  • Search YouTube in a specific language
  • Orbot/Tor support (no streaming yet, experimental)
  • Watch age restricted material
Download NewPipe 


Note: If you want to Add New feature,Contribute on Apps or Support Developer, here is Official Github Link.

2. TubeMate

TubeMate is another Light Android App to Download YouTube video without rooting our android smartphone. You can easily download this app form its official website. Because this App is not available in play store. This app is trusted and used my millions of user worldwide. I am using this app since 1 years but to download Video in audio format you may need to download another MP3 converter form play store. This app contains google ads , so you may find this app annoying some time (NewPipe doesn’t contain any ads.). But it worth it.

download youtube-video-tubemateYou can also use Tubemate to download Videos from third party website (like BBC).


Download Tubemate 

Note: Always use latest version of Any Android app to keep yourself safe from Hacker.

Please Comment below your favorite downloader and we will add your YouTube video downloader to this article. Stay Tuned.

Delete Facebook Accounts Permanently 2016

You have multiple Facebook accounts & Now you want to delete one of your Facebook accounts, then you can use official Facebook account remover tool provided my Facebook. So, In this Post I will Step by Step guide on How to Delete Facebook accounts Permanently.

  1. First is first, If you really wants to  delete your facebook accounts then i recommend you to backup or download copy of your accounts so that you can access your data even after your facebook accounts get removed. So , Lets Download and save copy of our facebook accounts data. Go to Settings > At the bottom of settings options you will see Download Copy of your facebook accounts data. Click on it and it will take you to new web page where you can start downloading your data. Just follow the given instruction. 2016-06-05_06h29_20
  2. Now Its time , We have to request facebook to delete our account permanently, its gonna take certain time, when this process completes it will delete all the info,Photos,messages,Post of that accounts and we cannot restore them.
  3. Go to this Link and Click on delete my Account.Now Retype your password to Confirm delete process. Done ! delete-facebook-accounts

Thanks For Reading. Lets us know if you got any problem while deleting your facebook accounts we are always here to help.  How to Delete Facebook accounts ?

How to host Namecheap Domain in Blogger Full Guide 2016

Hi Guys, We all know what is Blogger and its advantages and Disadvantages. Now you are reading this because i know what you are trying to do, You have domain registered in namecheap because namecheap is cheap and fast domain name provider & they provide free SSL and Domain privacy for you as well as you can register domain at just 0.88$ (crazy right ?? If you want to know more about 0.88$ domain registration please read my another post.).

Okay let host our domain in Blogger , Free for life. Please consider following below instruction carefully, one mistakes can create lots of errors.

  1. At this point i assume you have blog in blogger and domain name registered in namecheap etc.  Log in to blogger blog dashboard > Go to Settings > Publishing Area click on Set up 3rd party domain . Enter your domain name in field with WWW ( eg. www.testedblog.com). leave this page open and proceed to step 2. 2016-06-04_07h35_38
  2. Open domain dashboard in Namecheap  and click on Advanced DNS option. Now we have to add / Edit some A Record and CNAME records. This is importtant steps so please follow carefully. 2016-06-04_07h37_072016-06-04_07h37_35
  3. First i am going to Add Some A Records, Click on Add new Records > Select A Records from Option. Now put your domain name without www in Host Field and Put blogger Ip in Ip Address field. We need to create Four A records with four different Ip address. Just Like in this Screenshot. 2016-06-04_07h42_52
  4. Now its time to Edit CNAME Record , Edit First CNAME Record and change value to ghs.google.com.
  5. Lets Add New CNAME Record just below our A Records. Click on Add New Record > Select CNAME Record > Copy Secret Code from blogger dashboard and Paste into Host Field. Copy .googlehosted.com part and page into Value field.
  6. Your Final Settings Should look Like Step 3 Picture. Now its time , lets save all the settings in namecheap dashboard Also save settings in blogger domain page that we have left open in first step.

Now Open blog Address in browser, it will redirect you to your new blog address.


How to Redirect naked (Without WWW)  domain to Full Domain in blogger blog ?

Go to Blog Dashboard > Publishing < Click on Edit  > Check Redirect naked domain to full domain.2016-06-04_07h43_23


I hope this post helps you to add custom domain in blogger blog. If you find this post helpful, please don’t forget to share with your friends. Show us your love guys and have a good day.


How to Create HTML5 Video Background ? HTML 5 Tutorial

Hey Guys , In this post I am going to show you how to use video as  background in HTML 5 elements. I have created several videos to show you how to create  html5 video background. Check it out below and if you have any question you can comments on this post or you can comments on that YouTube video.

lets start :